Eduweek Theme

The theme this year is


Innovative Solutions to uniquely African EAP Challenges

Realign | Reskill | Recognise

Join the SA Employee Assistance fraternity at the 20th Annual EAPA-SA and Pan-African Eduweek 2018, where we will showcase cutting edge EAP trends and thoughts on various proactive models, case studies and thought leaders within the EAP, Wellness and HR fields.

We are also proud to be the country chosen to host the Pan-African Congress in 2018. We will be incorporating this platform into our annual event that our SA members are familiar with. At this event you will find international and other African leaders in the field sharing their EAP learnings with our membership.

More About Our Theme

When it comes to innovation, Africa leads the way in the art of leapfrogging. Leapfrogging may occur when developing countries or markets skip ahead of more developed economies because they are unhindered by existing systems or technology, or by deep-rooted models or theories. Leapfrogging allows innovation and disruption, and fast-tracking, in the advance of a system. It plays a role in avoiding costly development stages that have previously been inescapable.

EAP in South Africa is an industry that in many ways has leapfrogged our international counterparts; due mainly to a combination of international influence, the innovative nature of South African EAPs, and because of the diverse mix of people in our country and our unique workplace requirements. EAP in South Africa has forged ahead through the blending of old and new, of African and European knowledge and experience.

In his State of the Nation address President Ramaphosa said: “We will soon establish a Digital Industrial Revolution Commission, which will include the private sector and civil society, to ensure that our country is in a position to seize the opportunities and manage the challenges of rapid advances in information and communication technology.”

There is no more time to prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Digital transformation is widespread and ‘5IR’ is the new watchword. What changes in employment, skills and workforce strategies are on our doorstep? How do we assist both existing and a new generation of employees to thrive in the midst of technological change?

The EAP in South Africa has a duty of care to assist in preparing our workforce for ongoing rapid technological advances – and to realign our own thinking to embrace change, re-skill to meet the challenge of technological advancement in the profession, and to recognise the vital role that technology plays in enhancing EAP.

In this regard the Pan African Congress will play a tremendous role as part of the EAPA-SA’s upcoming Eduweek, creating a platform where South African and other African countries can learn from one another.