Dr. Fundile Nyati

Dr. Fundile Nyati
MBChB and M. Fam. Med (Natal)
Proactive Health Solutions (Pty) Ltd
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“Ideal Technology Enabled EAP Solutions to Meet The 4th Industrial Revolution Customer Needs”
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Technology in EAP
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At the 2017 EAPA SA conference, I applied for, was accepted and presented on a topic entitled “EAP Industry In SA, A ‘Sitting Duck’ For Massive Disruption”.

In that presentation amongst other things, I highlighted the industry current weaknesses and opportunities for future growth.

The issue of lack of technological innovation by the industry players (service providers and employers) was sighted as a big industry shortcoming considering that we are already in the Digital Age.

My proposed presentation for EAPA SA and Pan African Eduweek 2018 will provide continuity of message from last year, in my quest to assisting the EAP industry to have a better understanding on key considerations towards embracing latest ICT technologies to improve current 3rd Industrial Revolution service delivery, and to also improve readiness towards meeting the emerging 4th Revolution changing EAP customers needs.

This proposed presentation goes beyond last year’s objective Industry critique to now equipping industry stakeholders to embrace and make tangible strategic technology investments towards provision of much needed innovative EAP solutions to meet the current EAP consumers’ changing service delivery and other needs.

In conclusion, I humbly believe that approving my application to present in this year’s EAPA SA and Pan African Eduweek will provide a lot of tangible empowerment for Industry stakeholders who in the main are still ‘technophobic’, and are not clear, confused or even threatened by how technology will impact on their professional roles as we go deeper into the Digital Age.

The Theme for this year’s conference is both forward looking, and aspirational. “Creating the Future-Innovative Solutions to Uniquely African EAP Challenges” conveys a message that the EAPA SA leadership has embraced the need for development of customised, Afrocentric, innovative solutions, to take the industry to another level continent wise.

In the spirit of the conference theme above, I decided that I needed to come up with a topic that is forward looking, innovation focussed, yet routed on our current realities within the South African and African context.

I sincerely believe that my proposed topic for 2018 EAPA SA and Pan African EduWeek is a natural follow-on from last year’s SA EAP Industry broad diagnostic report.

This year’s proposed topic, “Ideal Technology Enabled EAP Solutions to Meet The 4th Industrial Revolution Customer Needs” picks up on the reported lack of Technological Innovation by EAP industry players in SA.

This year’s proposed presentation proposes practical technology solutions to current as well as anticipated deep technology gaps or shortcomings in the EAP service delivery continuum within the rapidly evolving age of Digital Revolution.

About the current Digital Revolution, the conference literature quotes President Cyril Ramaphosa’s SONA 2018 speech about Digital Revolution, wherein he said, “The SA Government will soon establish a Digital Industrial Commission that will include private sector and civil society to ensure that South Africa is in a position to seize opportunity and manage advances in information and communication technology (ICT)”.

Before I discuss further, at this juncture it is important to define 4IR as “The current and developing environment in which disruptive technologies and trends like Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence are changing the way we live and work.

The 2018 EAPA SA and Pan African conference literature says, “there is no more time to prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) in South Africa and the continent”.

My proposed presentation recognises the urgency of practically dealing with digital transformation issues in South Africa, and the continent, to position the EAP industry to be better enabled to meet the changing customer needs in the rapidly advancing Digital age.

The exponential impact of 4IR driven rapid change is forecasted to result in disruption of every industry, in every country. The resultant fusion of 4IR technologies is predicted to blur the lines between digital, physical and biological spheres, and therefore, professional services in an industry like EAP must be enabled to interface with the new technologies.

In the presentation, I will provide step by step guide on how the EAP industry stakeholders should IDEALLY approach the development of digitised EAP programme components, for in-house, outsourced and hybrid EAP programmes.

These digitised EAP programmes will have to be integrated to the current call centre-based technologies, because call centre will still be needed to assist a significant percentage of current older or technophobic employees, whilst embracing new age type employees.

The investments in digital migration programmes within organisations will have to begin with closing 3IR gaps, whilst addressing 4IR challenges.

Session Description
If you are an EAP industry stakeholder (professional; practitioner, affiliate, employer, service provider, industry consultant) who is curious about the impending future of our EAP industry.

If you are very interested to be empowered to better understand the envisaged or emerging role of technology in the delivery of Future EAP interventions, make sure you do not miss this ‘eye opening’ presentation for anything in the world.

This deliberately futuristic presentation will take you on a ‘mental journey’ into the future of ‘Digital Age’ EAP service delivery, helping you to imagine your changed role and relevance in that future.

Learning Objective 1
Acquisition of knowledge about Digital Age
Learning Objective 2
Understanding critical technologies of the digital age
Learning Objective 3
Understanding the tangible personal benefits of embracing the Digital Age future now
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