Dr. Marion Borcherds

Dr. Marion Borcherds


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Mental Health and the 4th Industrial Revolution

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Dr. Marion Borcherds has worked within the field of Employee Assistance for the last 20 years in both a senior manager and executive position. She is currently employed at Transnet as the Group Employee Wellness and Transformation Manager, managing the components of EAP, Absenteeism management, medical schemes and the HIV/AIDS Workplace programme as well as the transformation portfolio. She is a thought leader in the employee wellness space, having designed, implemented and managed EWP programmes for both government and para-statal over the years

Session Description
The fourth Industrial revolution brings along many wonderful advancements in technology, greater efficiencies, improved quality of life and new markets and economic growth. At the same time, it also poses new challenges related to greater global inequality, rise of social tensions due to market segregation of qualified and unqualified individuals, and the decreasing size of the middle class. This session focusses on these advancements and challenges. Changes for the better such as our sense of privacy, our identity, notions of ownership, our consumption patterns, how much time we devote to leisure and work and how we develop our careers, cultivate our skills and nurture our relationships. Changes for the worse many be controversial advances in medicine, job losses, the eroding of social media boundaries and fractured thinking as a result of always “being on” . As EAPs skilled in dealing with issues of mental health , how are we positioning ourselves against this backdrop and providing guidance in terms of the mental health effects this may engender.