Dr Muyabala Munachitombwe-Muna

Dr Muyabala Munachitombwe-Muna
MUNA Healthlife
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Healthlife Conscious EA Professionals : Challenging existing thinking while continuing to provide strategies to develop and enhance the EA professional’s knowledge and understanding of the workplace.
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Dr O. Muyabala Munachitombwe – Muna a Zambian born Public Health Practitioner and Wellness Infopreneur businessman holds several qualifications. Over the years of his medical practice he has noted that peoples’ need in health matters is wellness over and above cure although there is no clear specific definition of this wellness state. He has contended that the world has entered an era of incurable illnesses most of which are chronic lifelong diseases whose management require also non-medical interventions. Dr Muna has also realized that medical services and training as generally practiced are reactive, waiting for people to be sick then assisting them. A proactive human wellness promotion for capacity development in workplaces training and programing spearheaded by non-medical wellness maintenance professional is urgently required. In line with this realization, Dr Muna coined the word HEALTHLIFE (a hybrid of the words Health and life), defining it as well-being in the spirit, body and mind – total whole person well-being. This Healthlife concept recognizes the tripartite nature of human beings and promotes an integrated Biopyschospiritual model of service provision as the sustainable response to modern workplace challenges than the psychosocial model. This is because these three components of a human being do not work in isolation. They are inter-dependent, complementary and affect each other positively or negatively. The three major industries (religion, health care, and education) and their subsidiary branches provide services to mankind in total isolation from each other as though they were not serving one entity. As a result of this some have pursued life in one industry neglecting the others but reaping the untold consequences of such negligence in their individual lives and the larger society. There is need of correcting this, if sustainable human wellness and capacity development is to be achieved. From this premise, Dr Muna developed a Healthlife Management Program to train Workplace Healthlife Counsellors, Healthlife Educators, Healthlife Entrepreneurs and financial health Promoters, and Healthlife Mangers. These new professionals work from a Wellness Maintenance paradigm as opposed to managing negative human events as do psychosocial trained professionals. This approach has potential to enhance EAP in workplaces.
1. Who is an Employee?
The goal of this part of the presentation will be to define who is an employee and what is a workplace? The presentation will bring into focus the workplace as a platform where employers and employees bring to the table the expectations they have from each other in order to accomplish a defined goal. The purpose will be to highlight the mutual responsibility of both the employers and employees in workplaces and how EAP programs and Providers can enhance this process
2. What Assistance do Employees Need?
Employees are people and this understanding is crucial. The presentation will describe how generally the World Health Organization (WHO) defines a human being – the components deemed important to attain wellbeing – which has provided the Bio psychosocial framework. How this understanding has shaped EAP programs in workplaces will be shown. How effective these programs have been will be interrogated and alternative frame work will be proposed. The goal and purpose will be to challenge existing thinking on EA and productivity in workplaces.
3. The Current Thinking of EA from MHL Institute
MUNA Healthlife Institute (MHL Institute) is a recognized consultancy on the development and implementation of Healthlife (wellness maintenance) based health promotion, education, and training. The Company’s Healthlife Concept has led to the development of integrated Biopschospiritual Services to promote human wellness and human capacity development for sustainable efficient and productive workplaces. The goal and purpose of this part of the presentation is to Healthlife concept as an alternative frame work for the training and development of EA professionals and EA programs respectively.
4. 4. The Need of New EAP Workplace Programs and Strategies
This part of the presentation will make a contrast between the WHO Bioysychosocial and the HML Biopschospiritual frameworks providing evidence of the effectiveness of the later framework from evidence presented at the World conference on lung health in Liverpool in 2016. The goal and purpose will be to provide scientific evidence in favour of the Biopschospiritual framework to enable participants embrace the MUNA Healthlife Concept for EA professional Development and EA programming in their workplaces.
5. EA Professional’s Basic Essential Knowledge
The goal and purpose of this part of the presentation is to show that with a new operational framework there is need of an evidence based new Biopschospiritual conceptual EA professional development training and programming from the old Biopsychosocial concept the basic knowledge of biology, psychology, and sociology. The MHL Biopschospiritual framework leads to the development of professionals with Spiritual health, Physical health, and Financial health (SPF) basic essential knowledge. These new Professionals are called Workplace Healthlife Counselors, Healthlife Educators, Healthlife Entrepreneurs, Financial Health Promoters, Healthlife Auditors, and Healthlife Managers whose work parameter is human wellness promotion for sustainable human capacity development.
6. Workplaces and Development of Healthlife Conscious EA Professionals
This part of the presentation will provide a conclusion and an appeal for the development of new EAP Providers with a Biopschospiritual framework and new EAP workplace Healthlife programs.
Session Description
Workplace are special platforms where employees and Employers interact to achieve a common goal. Although their roles are different and may at times be viewed as antagonistic they have the same human tripartite inherent needs and challenges. EAP professionals with a Biopschospiritual conceptual basic essential knowledge and programing skills can meet these needs and challenges to enhance workplace efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity and can distinguish themselves from Biopsychosocial based professionals. It is important to develop Healthlife conscious EAP Professionals whose work parameters is wellness maintenance in workplaces.
Learning Objective 1
Attendees will demonstrate knowledge of workplaces and basic needs of employees
Learning Objective 2
Attendees will acquire a useful working framework for assessing workplace employee needs
Learning Objective 3
Attendees will obtain skills for Biopschospiritual EA Programming for enhancing workplace or employee productivity
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