Dr. Quinella Minix

Dr. Quinella Minix

Doctor of Education in Counselling

Gellequin Associates, Inc

Presentation Title
Mental Wellness: Learning to Combat Mental illness

Content Focus Area
Organisational Level
Workplace stakeholder management

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I have worked in behavioural health for over 20 years. My expertise in substance abuse ranges from community-based organizations, EAPs, universities and substance abuse treatment centers. I am currently the Executive Director of a for profit Drug Treatment Center in Houston Texas. I have taught addiction and substance abuse courses on the graduate level (Masters Degree and Doctoral Degree). I have a Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree in Counseling with the following credentials Licensed Professional Counselor (Approved Supervisor), Certified Employee Assistance Professional, Nationally Certified Counselor, Board Certified Coach (Executive, Career, & Life Designations).

Mental Wellness is the key to living a happy and fulfilled life. Learning to manage thoughts, feelings and behaviours can yield improved health. A part of being mentally well is finding purpose and fulfilment in what we do in life. It is important to learn what affects our mental health and how we can manage it. Hence, teaching each participant to live a life without mental stressors. Optimal living is what we all strive for. Mental illness can be managed through prevent and wellbeing. Stressors of life directly impact mental wellness which ultimately leads to illness. We have to learn how to combat mental illness and prevent is key. This course will assist with creating a culture of mental wellness.
Session Description
Prevention is the best medicine. How do you measure your mental wellness? This session will teach you to live a meaningful life through mental wellness. You will learn how to identify factors that can impact your mental health.

Learning Objective 1
The attendee will be able to identify factors that can affect mental health. 2. The attendee will be able to ways to prevent mental illness. 3. The Attendee will be able to create a culture of mental wellness. 4. The attendee will be able to incorporate healthy ways of living without mental stressors.
Learning Objective 2
The attendee will learn how to identify factors that affect mental health.
Learning Objective 3
The attendee will learn how to prevent mental illness.

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