Miss Nontsindiso Tshazi

Miss Nontsindiso Tshazi
Class III Certificate of Competency as Deck Navigating Officer & Diploma in Port Management. MDP Unisa Business School of Leadership, Qualified Financial adviser
Siwela Brokers CC
Presentation Title
Financial Wellness
Content Focus Area
Organisational Level
Reducing absenteeism
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Financial literacy is a topic that really no one is comfortable speaking about, yet financial issues affect us more than physical illnesses combined.
Mindfully manage your money instead of your money managing you.
My presentation will focus on :
• How a lack of basic financial understanding, leads to poor financial choices.
• Large outstanding debts and unstable financial situations has been found to be the cause of absenteeism due to illnesses like stress and others.
• An understanding of what loans were designed for
• Teaching people to live within their means though budgeting.
• Basic principles of money
• Retirement Planning
• Estate Planning
Session Description
• how to avoid getting into debt
• how to get out of debt
• how to create a realistic budget
• how to create a valid will
• What if you die or became disabled?
• saving for retirement
• how to avoid paying too much tax
Learning Objective 1
Manage your finances instead of your finances managing you
Learning Objective 2
Pay yourself first
Learning Objective 3
Plan for your spending by developing a budget and live within your means based on your monthly income
Audience Level