Mr. David Salomon

Mr. David Salomon
Chemical Engineer
Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign
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Living with and without cancer in the workplace
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EAP as a benefit in attracting top talent
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As the executive producer of the Forever Changed Documentary, Co founder of The Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign, I am well versed in the understanding of nutrition and cancer. I have completed 3 years of intensive research due to my life partner’s late stage cancer diagnosis in 2014. Having studied conventional and holistic approaches to cancer.

I have completed professional studies in Israel, about cancer technology and research with medical breakthroughs at 3 leading medical institutions .

Speaking from a scientific perspective on nutrition vs cancer enables me to provide information that is not usually addressed in the standard medical field of oncology.

American Cancer Society: 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes.

Unless you have been through cancer yourself, you cannot fully grasp the enormity of the tipping point. This only happens when a colleague, family member, friend or yourselves are directly affected.

This is why we are sharing our experience which will develop the understanding of how to cope with cancer in the workplace. This session will help to bridge the gap by offering this unique workshop to your members who will understand how to demystify the fear of cancer, and the realities that cancer provides.

Principles of the Live Life Deliberately program aid in:
1. preparing organizations to prevent the collapse of an employee on diagnosis.
2. how to live life deliberately after diagnosis.

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Key outcomes:
1. You will understand more about how to live with cancer if you have it.
2. You will be educated on nutrition which plays a vital role in maintenance of cancer.
3. You will understand more about the impact of treatment options.
4. You will be better equipped to help those affected by cancer.
5. Healthy dialogue will be opened about lowering risk of cancer.

Session Description
Cancer does not discriminate.
Cancer is a sensitive subject, of which we are all aware, but does not receive enough education in the corporate sector.
Wellness Days are simply no longer enough to embrace life with cancer.
Equip yourselves with information that will change the way you see life, with or without cancer.
Learning Objective 1
Understand the impact, direct and indirect, of cancer diagnosis which affects society at large.
Learning Objective 2
Learn how to cope with cancer in the workplace
Learning Objective 3
Learn how to manage cancer at work.
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