Mr. Kelly Manzini

Qualification: MsD EAP (UP), MAP (WBS) Change Management (Havard)

Company: Metropolitan Health Corporate (Pty) Ltd

Presentation Title: Applied wellness artificial intelligence to manage occupational and health risks

Content Focus Area: Industry Level

Industry Level: Building EAP and Wellness predictive capabilities to manage health and productivity risks

Biographical Information Related to Topic: Kelly has over 20 years experience in behavioral and management sciences with a unique blend of professional qualifications and experience ranging from business studies (Wits University), Change Management (Harvard), Masters in EAP (University of Pretoria) and BA Social Work honours from UWC. Kelly is the Executive Head for Metropolitan Health (Public Sector Wellness) with in-depth health and wellness design and innovation experience after serving in national governments, corporate boards, financial services, health and retail sectors. Kelly is a Director of EAPA SA, a former CEO of Careways Group and former HR Executive for the Clicks Group. Kelly has presented thought leading research papers and articles both in his personal capacity and as a board member of EAPA SA.

Session Description: A session to give you practical tools and strategies on how health and wellness (EAP) are deploying and using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to managing current and future business risks.

Learning Objectives:
Be able to identify opportunities to implement Artificial Intelligence
Be able to navigate ethical considerations in using Machine Learning with a wellness environment
Be able to systematically introduce Machine Learning within current wellness solutions