Mr Louis Servizio (Brazil)

Mr Louis Servizio

MS from MIT in Finance

Chestnut Global Partners do Brasil, Ltda.

Presentation Title
Measuring Outcomes and ROI in the EAP Field: Where Are We Today, What Measurement Tools are Available and What are the Results to Date?

Content Focus Area
Industry Level
Metrics and measurement of EAP

Biographical information related to the topic
I am one of the leading international experts in the field of calculating the ROI of prevention programs focused on preventing behavioural, wellness and occupational health issues, and developing strategic plans for the prevention of disease based on ROI. I have developed a decision support methodology and software (most widely used worldwide) that quantifies the economic costs of mental and physical issues, including productivity losses (presenteeism and absenteeism), turnover costs, accidents and disability/claims (medical costs are also included if desired). My educational and professional background uniquely qualifies me: an MS from MIT in Finance; A degree in Mathematics; Certified Financial Advisor, and professional experience as a leading developer of methodologies for calculating productivity losses. I also manage an EAP so I practice what I preach.

The topic will focus on:
• The necessity for measuring outcomes and ROI and the tools that are available for measuring each;
• What types of costs are impacted by an EAP;
• How effective are EAPs in reducing these costs;
• How do me measure the impact and effectiveness of EAPs; and
• What are the typical outcomes and ROI’s generated by an EAP in various areas of the world.

Session Description
When budgets were available within corporate employers, both benefits and investments coexisted. The world then changed. Budgets become tighter. So now, with few exceptions, only investments survive. EAPs generate significant cost reductions and very high ROI’s. Until recently, methodologies did not exist to measure the contribution of EAPs to cost reduction and ROI’s. Now they do. The Speaker will discuss the necessity for measuring outcomes, describe the tools that are available, show outcomes results to date in various areas of the world, and how to obtain and implement them.

Learning Objective 1
How to identify and calculate each type of savings impacted by an EAP, including medical costs/insurance premiums, presenteeism, absenteeism, accidents, and turnover.

Learning Objective 2
What is a ROI, how to calculate it for EAP investments, and how to present results.

Learning Objective 3
How do I obtain and implement such tools.

Audience Level