Mr. Peter Whelan (Canada)

Mr. Peter Whelan

Computer Science

Eap Expert Inc.

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Misconceptions about key metrics

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Individual Level
The stress of adapting to rapid technological change

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Peter Whelan, CTO of EAP Expert Inc, the world leader in EAP software.
Peter is certified as one of the very few people in the world to get a perfect score on basic questions about the state of the world. 80% of test takers scored worse than chance.If the diagnosis is wrong, then the wrong treatment will be prescribed.If you think things are getting worse, than current approaches aren’t working, then you will try something new. What if your approach is working and you incorrectly believe that it’s not

Based on the international bestseller
“Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World and Why Things Are Better Than You Think” by Hans RoslingWe’ll first spend 15 minutes testing your knowledge of basic global facts. Most world leaders have failed this test. You will write down your answers and then score yourself. If you would like, you can answer via text message on your basic phone or by website on your smartphone.I will show the overall scores compared to the rest of the world. If anyone scores perfect on the 13-question test you will be eligible for a certificate attesting to that fact.Having revealed results of general knowledge we’ll get specific about how that relates to EAP programs in South Africa and any other countries that are present using the GapMinder program.We’ll look at how statistics are used to lie you and to yourself.Peter will show you how tools and processes commonly used within IT can be adapted to your work in EAP. Get twice the work done in half the time with tightly integrated teams.
Recognize that slow change is still change. If change is on an exponential curve, such as the price and capacity of hard drives, the improvements over 20 years is dramatic.

When presented with extremes, look for the majority.

When presented with averages, get things in proportion.

Question your generalizations by changing how you categorize your data.

The vital importance of identifying root causes before designing a solution.

Session Description
Almost nobody knows the basic global facts!
In this presentation, Peter will walk you through simple rules for dismantling global misconceptions and beating the beavers scores. Panicking is not a strategy. The world may not be as bad as you believe.
You’ll learn how to get a world class education over the web.

Learning Objective 1
Test yourself to reveal where you have a misconception of about the facts.
Learning Objective 2
Realize when someone is trying to mislead you, or you are misleading yourself
Learning Objective 3
Use 5 tools to detect and correct misconceptions

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