Mr Stephen Davids

Mr. Stephen Davids
BA Social Work
Stephen Davids Social Wellness Consulting Pty Ltd
Presentation Title
Exploring the use of forced drug treatment
Content Focus Area
Individual Level
Opioids and Substance Abuse
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There is the long held belief that the drug dependent person must want to change in order to be helped. This presentation seeks to explore relevant sections of the Prevention of and Treatment for Substance Abuse Act 70 of 2008. Specific focus will be given to section 33 and 35 of this act.

As far as understood, I am one of possibly 2 Social Workers utilizing this particular section of the Act in the Eastern Cape. To date I have conducted approximately 150 such committals at various centres within the Eastern Cape. Each with its own challenges and successes. I work almost exclusively with drug dependent persons and their families. Having done this since 2008, I am of the belief that what I am to impart will at least challenge traditional thinking as to how to deal with a substance dependent person.

The presentation seeks to explore the value of “forced” drug treatment. There is the long held belief that the drug dependent person must want to change for such person to be helped. I seek to explore the many facets of substance abuse treatment and package it in a simple intervention framework.The secondary component of the presentation is to explore whether or not current policy and protocols are beneficial to the long term recovery from drug dependence, in the long term leading to a more productive worker.
Session Description
Have you ever wondered why the substance dependent person seems to raise hope, then almost immediately crushes it, moving the helping relationship back to square one? This session seeks to equip delegates with a line of thinking that may alleviate the back and forth. This session seeks to specifically look at using Section 33 and 35 of Act 70 of 2008, the Prevention of and Treatment for Substance Abuse Act as a measure to move the helping relationship between helper and client through the various phases of recovery.
Learning Objective 1
To educate on the practicality of utilizing section 33 of act 70 of 2008
Learning Objective 2
To educate on the benefits and challenges of this process
Learning Objective 3
To challenge traditional thinking around intervening with substance dependent persons
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