Mrs. Linda Remke

Mrs. Linda Remke
Diploma in Life & Executive Coaching
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The Value of Disruptive Innovation on employee Assistance Programmes.
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Workplace stakeholder management
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In 2015 Linda coached and mentored over 20 coaches towards market readiness specialising in differentiation. The follow year she engaged with over 200 entrepreneurial leaders in personal and business branding. This lead to identifying three necessities common in entrepreneurs namely Time, Uncertainty and Growth. Entrepreneurs made little time for personal well-being; burned themselves out from uncertainty and needed to advance and grow their businesses and themselves. Linda found when the entrepreneurs engaged with her more frequently they were able to advance in less time than those who saw her less frequently however they were still able to progress in achieving their goals.

The next step was to find a way to provide coaching in a less time-consuming and cost-effective manner. This, Valueneurs was created to supply an accessible, affordable and accountable solution to provide Mentor Coaching to the remote and underserved. Using mobile app technology Mentor Coaches are able to make themselves available while Users can book them for 30-minute Check-In sessions where the Coaches will help them align their behaviours, attitudes and actions towards seeking and accomplishing their goals.

This platform has the potential to extend to the African and global market.

Coaching has been made available in many organisations to senior and managerial staff members to provide leadership techniques to improve performance. The current research of the topic of coaching has been lagging and there has been a low number of quantitative and empirical studies conducted to date. However, what has been demonstrated from the available research is that coaching has been shown to improve goal attainment and well-being in the recipients. Particularly Health coaching has demonstrated through objective metrics such as improved post-intervention scores on body mass index, cholesterol, and blood sugar in participants afflicted by chronic ill-health conditions such as Diabetes.

Individuals within the workplace have job-related demands (Tasks, Teamwork, Subordination, etc.) and job-related resources (Equipment, Tools, Processes, Methodologies, etc.) to help them meet their job demands. Psychosocial risk factors of: Isolation, Low Self-Esteem; Low Perceived Power; Low Social Support; High Self-Blame; and Poor Social Network are ever present within the organisational context and these work place stressors lead to Burnout, job dissatisfaction and ultimately turnover. It is not possible to completely eliminate these stressors or even to minimise them sufficiently to negate their harmful impact.
Valueneurs has framed the Psychosocial risks as:
• Growth
• Uncertainty
• Time
Growth refers to the individual’s / organisation’s need to develop and adapt to changing demands to constantly remain effective and able to meet challenges.
Uncertainty refers to feelings and emotions that the individual faces during challenging times.
Time refers to the lack of time that individuals spend on self-care such as maintaining regular meals, sleep and taking time to relax and reflect.

Valueneurs is creating a new value network in the previously underserved demographic of the work force by offering affordable Mentor Coaching through mobile app technology. The technology reduces the time and distance travelled by the service recipient. Additionally the newly formed value network between Mentor Coaches and the recipients connects mobile device users with reputable Mentor Coaches that are able to offer expert service at affordable rate with minimal effort.

Session Description

Valueneurs is a UNIQUE and powerful electronic platform designed to connect people with mentor coaches.

Valueneurs is designed to provided “convenience to connect” to the user. The ability to “check in” from anywhere and anytime, puts the power of dialogue in the hands of the user. Valueneurs has successfully bridged the gap between technology and a personalised experience, providing safe spaces to engage with mentor coaches specific to their needs.

Learning Objective 1
By creating a platform of constructive dialogue we aim to fast-track users to achieving their short term personal and business goals more effectively. Our services are available to EVERYONE. The exclusivity of mentoring and coaching services is no longer reserved for wealthy individuals and senior leadership in organisations.
Learning Objective 2
Showcase the integration of technology and Mentor Coaching to provide a solution to the underserved on the African Continent
Learning Objective 3
That mentoring and coaching is not exclusive to managerial and senior staff within and organisation
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