Ms. Phindi Msomi

Ms. Phindi Msomi
Olwazini Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd
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Lead Influence Transform (LIT)™ Indispensable EAP: Executive Coaching for Leaders and High Performers
Content Focus Area
Organisational Level
EAP as a benefit in attracting top talent
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I did my MBA dissertation on Talent Management and am a certified coach. I run coaching classes for individuals in middle – executive level positions and I believe that knowledge and expertise qualifies me to be able to give opinions and guidance on the topic.

As part of our offering in my business we support executives and leaders to form a solid engaged culture and lead by example in retaining talent . This happens if they are coached and they themselves supported in their roles and I strongly believe that EAP as a platform offers the right support, direction to achieve this.

My expertise in the field of Human Behavioural Science has equipped me with the knowledge and experience to bring forth a cross cultural based debate in my workshops and speaking engagements. I use the art of story -telling in my coaching and goes in depth during one-on-one coaching where I utilise Personal Mastery Skills to enable participants to draw from own life’s experiences.
Working with people from various backgrounds from Middle managers to CEO’s I have mastered the art of influence and can smoothly transition the levels of my coaching and message delivery to ensure maximum impact at all levels.

The presentation will be based on my proprietary leadership coaching programme which produces results for the challenges facing Executives and Managers (Leadership)and maps out the strategy for their personal transformation path that ensures they are supported in their roles.

I will provide insight on how to align their own development needs with the objectives of their business, how to draw and find their inspiration in their work and their passion within their organization.

The presentation will look at the following :
• Increasing personal awareness
• Identify triggers that impact on own behaviour
• Master transformational leadership
• How to improve their communication skills
• Enhance their ability to influence beyond formal authority

I will use story- telling to show how my own experience and learning has shaped my ability to empathize and respond to various people and their communication styles, different personalities, and leadership challenges.
I will also show how to align EAP strategies and/or executive coaching programme to talent management.

Session Description
Anyone can be successful when they discover their inner drive/purpose and apply this in their daily lives. Come let me show you how you can control the triggers within your environment that impact on your behaviour. I will also provide insight on how to plan for your own personal transformation in order for you to be ready to engage and develop your own team.
Learning Objective 1
Build own resilience
Learning Objective 2
Communicate masterfully
Learning Objective 3
Develop own team engagement goals
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