Ronald Abvajee


Ronald Abvajee, is a leading health, fitness and wellness expert. His award winning entrepreneurial journey and commitment to personal development have positioned him as a key thought leader in corporate health and wellness with a speciality in team engagement and re-alignment through wellness. With his Televison and radio shows he inspires the Nation towards health.

Session Description:

Employee engagement is a crucial element in every organization; it drives productivity, profitability, and business success. Although crucial, it can be one of the most difficult workplace elements to understand and improve. 

It’s time decide what’s right for your organization or your clients. Simply copying and pasting this report’s results into your own benefits plan won’t cut it. You MUST create a custom approach that’s relevant to your organization’s culture and business goals. 

Start by asking yourself this question: Is my programme relevant to this organization’s culture and mission? 

Learning outcomes:

  1. Identify how innovative engagement can achieve greater wellness outputs for clients.
  2. Align to clients organisational pulse to entrench a culture of health
  3. Agility with relevance