Mr. Tshifhiwa Mamaila

Mr. Tshifhiwa Mamaila

Masters in Social Development

City of Cape Town

Presentation Title
Strengthening EAP in Africa – Review & Way Forward

Content Focus Area
Industry Level
National and International Trends

Biographical information related to the topic
Speaker has worked for different sectors in South Africa including Public / Government, Private Sector, NGO, Hospital, Mining, Correctional Services. He has over twenty years of EAP & Wellness experience and has been part of EAPA-SA board for over ten years. He is in his second term of office as EAPA International Board of Director. He was part of the development of EAP for Africa project and has been managing the project since. The Pan African Conference concept was his brainchild with support from the EAP for Africa project team, providing direction, support & leadership.

Session Description
This is the Second Pan African Conference.
Panel discussions on the emergence & success stories of EAP in Africa – sharing national & international trends and best practice. It provides an opportunities for EAP service providers to partner with professionals in Africa. Organizations with presence in Africa to learn / share / support EAP initiatives in Africa.

  • Overview of EAP in Africa
  • Case studies – success stories
  • Different stakeholders / partnerships and their roles
  • Challenges encountered
  • Support needed / required
  • Pan African conference
  • Way forward

Learning Objective 1
Experiential & Interactive
Learning Objective 2
Learning national & international trends
Learning Objective 3
Sharing best practice

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