Venerable Adelowo Adesina (Nigeria)

Venerable Adelowo Adesina

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Strengthening EAP in Africa – Review & Way Forward

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National and International Trends

Biographical information:
Venerable Adesina is the Managing Consultant of Sages & Scribes – An indigenous Multidisciplinary Consultancy Firm with global outlook.

Adesina is a Social Administration graduate of Loughbrough University Leicestershire in England. Ade is an acknowledged practitioner in the areas of Workforce Development: – Personal and Organizational Skills, Entrepreneurial Development and Management Training.

Venerable Adesina is an (EAP) Employee Assistant Programme Practitioner. He is a non-stipendiary priest of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion}. He is currently serving as the Vicar; St. Augustine Anglican Church, Anthony Village, in the Diocese of Lagos West. Apart from his priestly duties, he is actively involved in voluntary community development and social work.


Africa has been in the global map due to its economic potentials and uniqueness. EAP has an excellent opportunity to impact the lives of employees in improving performance and productivity, reducing absenteeism and presenteeism.

Organisations are in desperate need to positively impact on the bottom line and EAP provides that space through its programmes and interventions.

We are calling all EAPs from Africa to join us in a panel discussion on the role EAP is playing in the workplace, within the African context and some of the challenges that we can share for collaborative efforts in coming up with possible African – home brewed solutions

Session Description
This is the Second Pan African Conference.
Panel discussions on the emergence & success stories of EAP in Africa – sharing national & international trends and best practice. It provides an opportunities for EAP service providers to partner with professionals in Africa. Organizations with presence in Africa to learn / share / support EAP initiatives in Africa.

  • Overview of EAP in Africa
  • Case studies – success stories
  • Different stakeholders / partnerships and their roles
  • Challenges encountered
  • Support needed / required
  • Pan African conference
  • Way forward

Learning Objective 1
Experiential & Interactive
Learning Objective 2
Learning national & international trends
Learning Objective 3
Sharing best practice

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