LifeAssist provides innovative employee wellbeing and health risk management solutions, in partnership with our clients.

We have a passion for cultivating robust, sustainable and caring organisations, families and communities. Our solution-focused approach enables people to be resourceful, resilient and accountable for their personal and professional wellbeing so that they can contribute to the effectiveness of the organisation.

As a proudly South African company, we apply world class best practice to local solutions. Our long-standing relationships with our clients attest to the agility and flexibility of our response, which is informed by our ‘one-size-fits-none’ philosophy.

The success of our business is invested into job creation, social upliftment and the professional development of our people. Through a people-centred culture we attract and retain highly competent people to the benefit of our clients.

The wide scope of expertise incorporates EAP/EWP, HIV and Aids, financial wellbeing solutions, management of absenteeism, change management, trauma response, leadership development, promotion of health and wellness, health risk assessments, consultation and policy formulation.

LifeAssist, is a member of the LifeSense Group of companies.