Metropolitan Health


 Metropolitan Health a member of JSE-listed MMI Holdings, has a holistic approach to Wellness, offering integrated service capabilities that deliver on business critical outcomes.  We believe investing in the health of employees has a direct and positive effect on a company’s bottom line. We believe in making things happen, measuring what works and learning from what does not. Our key differentiators as a leading Health and Wellness provider include:

  • Over 40 years’ combined experience providing both the public and private sector with comprehensive Occupational Health and Wellness solutions
  • A proactive, preventative and patient-centred, outcomes-based approach
  • Fully in-house systems and development capabilities
  • Flexibility and scalability of systems and resources
  • Excellent data warehousing and analysis capability including predictive analytics and machine learning intervention capabilities
  • In-house marketing and communications capabilities
  • Customised e-tools utilising mobile phone and internet technology
  • Established infrastructure and geographic network of service providers across all South Africa’s provinces
  • A proven track record in delivering quality solutions for small and large organisations
  • A comprehensive solution that can grow with your business needs
  • Strategic development capabilities that allow us to customise our service offering for each client according to their business objectives

We are strategically positioned to engage and guide our clients and potential clients towards integrated health and wellness efforts.  By combining the latest insights in health outcomes research, data analytics and consumer engagement, we improve organisational health and well-being, one person at a time. Sign up with us today.