Proactive Health Solutions

About PHS:

Proactive Health Solutions (Pty) Ltd, is a leading 19-year-old Integrated Employee Health and Wellness service provider in South Africa. During its almost two decades of existence, the company has provided customised and value adding Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) business solutions to a variety of large and small employers in both the public and private sectors in South Africa. Also, the company has during this period gained deep valuable industry thought leadership insights, which it has shared in relevant EAP industry forums, especially the annual EAPA industry conferences.

On the eve of our company’s 20th birthday which will be in October 2019, we have taken a strategic business decision to inject much needed Industry Innovation that will permanently change the face of how EAP professional services are delivered and consumed across the African continent.

The above business direction is based on insights from our diverse clientele, as well as several potential clients, as such we are currently ‘hard at work’ developing a cutting edge, disruptive, technology driven, indigenised and ‘truly’ holistic digital age EAP solution.

The soon to be launched/unveiled EAP solution recognises that all human beings are spiritual beings, as such the EAP interventions should wherever possible endeavour to include appropriate Spiritual interventions in line with the clients’ spiritual belief systems, be they Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews or African Traditional believers.

As PHS we are looking forward to unveiling this new-age EAP professional service, that will be truly proudly South African, proudly African, and generally Afrocentric in approach.