Workforce Healthcare

We’re a company for the patients, the people and the professionals. We are devoted to making a meaningful and sustainable difference in the health and wellness of employees. Workforce Healthcare helps employers have healthier, more productive employees by minimising occupational health and wellness related risks, reducing bottom-line costs, and simultaneously meeting legislative requirements.

Through professional, client-centric health and wellness services, we initiate the change that we want to see in healthcare. From preventative measures and healthcare screenings to chronic disease management and integrated fitness programmes, we positively influence the well-being and mindsets of the people we serve. To do this, we rely on our vast network of highly skilled and qualified healthcare professionals, 50 occupational health clinics and service providers, as well 9 mobile medical units equipped with state-of-the-art medical apparatus and a national network of professionals.

We understand that a little support goes a long way when it comes to ensuring the wellbeing of employees around our country. Our preventative measures help ensure that small problems seldom escalate to large ones, protecting your business interests and the physical and mental health of your staff networks.